May 2024

Hi Chris!

Thank you so much for the wonderful day last Saturday. We really enjoyed it. And it was wonderful to connect with you personally!

I think my favorite part was hearing the narrative around the Sacrament of Marriage from Adam & Eve to the wedding at Cana. I loved all of the details you connected across scripture, especially the last documented words of Mary in the Bible. I’ve been thinking about that, and more broadly how powerfully intentional the Scripture is, and what that means for the sacredness of marriage and family. I also loved working through the financial questions – very helpful start to get us better aligned.

Thank you for your time and prayers on Saturday! It was wonderful being taught by a teacher — it really made it memorable.

God bless you and your family, too! Hope to see you soon!


June 2023

Thank you so much for leading us through yesterday’s session! We really enjoyed it and also appreciated the openness with which you shared your own experiences. 

Luciana and I especially enjoyed the Active Listening Skills Review Session. It really allowed us to dig more deeply into things we had previously touched upon – around the strengths we bring to our relationship and the things we need to strive to improve upon. We’ll continue to have these types of conversations with intentionality and will also remember to leverage the techniques for conflict resolution when we are having tough conversations. 

Additionally, we really found it valuable to hear about your experiences and those of everyone else in the group. It made for great conversation and helped us learn even more. 

We look forward to staying in touch and hope you have a nice rest of your weekend!

Adam and Luciana

Spring 2023

Good morning, Chris!

Lloyd and I would like to thank you for a wonderful Marriage Prep session a couple weeks ago. We met with our Pastor yesterday to discuss our FOCCUS Inventory results–which we took before our session with you. When Father brought up a couple topics suggesting we discuss, we quickly realized that our answers would have been more consistent with one another if we took the inventory after we completed your class. We thought you should know that your class allowed us to get to know ourselves as well as one another which has already encouraged such positive growth in our relationship. 

Thank you for blessing us with your guidance.

July 2023

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us on Saturday.  We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the program.  I really liked the Communication Conversation, as well as the Family of Origin Keeps/Leave Behind segment–I felt like the questions opened up a healthy dialogue between us, and the group as a whole.

Thank again and all the best,

Anne and Nick

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for the email. We particularly liked the conversations regarding take-aways and keep-aways from our families of origin. Also, the 10 steps for resolving conflicts and dealing with conflict resolution was a helpful exercise – making a plan for how to argue/deal with conflict is a great tool and plan to have. 

Thank you for your time and wisdom!


Molly & Geno